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Andrew Zimmerman

Andrew Zimmerman

Email:  Phone: 717-463-3647
Andrew has been working with accounting software for more years than he wants to admit. He is also experienced in tax return preparation and holds Enrolled Agent credentials from the IRS. No, he is not an IRS agent. He does ABC software setup, training, support, and customizing. Sales too, by the way. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and family. It’s 23 and counting, with in-laws and grandchildren. You can follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

ClairClair Auker

Email:  Phone: 804-561-3310
When Clair was a lad he got his hands on a TRS-80 Model I personal computer, and he’s been writing code ever since. He likes to help clients find ways to get more done and do a better job with less effort, whether it involves new software setup, custom programming, training, or a new way of doing something. He and his wife are blessed with eight children and one grandchild, who all live in south central Virginia. Clair serves as a deacon in his local church. When he can find time, he enjoys gardening, reading, singing, and nature photography.

Stephen Lauver

Email:  Phone: 717-463-3647
I have been doing income tax return preparation and accounting work since 2011. Cleaning up data files to get accurate profit and loss statements is one thing I specialize in. I also assist with bank reconciliations and most anything else related to financial statements. When I am not in the office I enjoy gardening, farming, and other outdoor activities.



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